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Membership Forms
Companion Membership Form
Companion members shall be persons, joint stock companies or firms who are connected with sugar industry and whose admission, in the opinion of the Council, would be conducive to the interest of the Association.
Every firm or corporate body which is a Companion member shall have the right to nominate a responsible person as its representative who will attend meetings, vote on its behalf and exercise all other rights of a member. Name of the nominee of the Companion Member should be declared while sending the subscription of the year.
Fellow Membership Form
A Fellow shall be a person, who had been an Associate Member of STAI for a minimum period of 10 years and has also held a responsible position. A Fellow shall also be a person who is a graduate and has contributed significantly or held responsible position for 10 years in the sugar industry or sugar institutes duly evaluated by the Council of STAI.
Associate Membership Form
An Associate shall be a person who is at least 21 years of age and holds at least a bachelors degree or diploma in a relevant branch of Engineering/Technology/Agriculture from a recognized institution in India or abroad or anybody approved for this purpose by the Council besides having experience in sugar or allied industry for a period of 3 years or 5 years respectively. However, no experience will be required for post graduate degree/diploma holders in sugar technology / engineering / agriculture.”

Patron Membership Form
SME Membership Form
SME members will be registered companied connected with Sugar & Allied Industries and whole admission in opinion of the council would be conducive to the Association(please attach copy of Registration Certificate).
STAI Proceedings Form
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